What to expect:

Whether you are dealing with injuries or chronic pain, need to lose unwanted body fat and increase lean muscle, are an athlete wanting to improve performance, or simply need strategies to take on the daily stresses of life....Trainer Raynor is here to get you back in the game safely and effectively. 

Your first session starts with a health history discussion. Together we will set a current baseline of measurement which will enable our team to take you where you want to go. From there, we will further delve into your goals and the strategies to achieve them. We find that getting all of this information upfront best enables our team of wellness experts to design a complete and customized training program for you. 

Assessments include: 

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Cardiovascular Analysis

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • Postural Analysis


This is not a quick one-size fits all training practice. Trainer Raynor, LLC, customizes all training protocols to our clients needs based on data collection and top research in the field of strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Our team works through periodized phasic progressions where movement governs advancement. If you cannot move well through an exercise we will not progress the complexity of programming. Expect to learn how to master your body while challenging yourself in movement patterns that are intentional & effective! Our passion is watching clients excel and develop sustainable healthy lifestyles they never dreamed possible. 

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